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loves music, loves books, loves fantasy, loves art, LOVES ice creams, loves MUSE, loves sushi, loves rock, loves anime, doesn't care being GEEK :D
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My Gypsy costume for this Halloween 2011 :)

My new drawing/painting :), dedicated for a friend who loves sushi. 

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Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica (December, 2010).

Me :P

An old drawing I did in Corel Painter

This supposedly is me :P. This one was made in photoshop to practice vectors. Yeah I know I need to learn how to use Illustrator for that xD

This is one of my most recent drawings. I need to keep improving :P. Done in Paint Tool SAI.

So I decided to open a I new tumblr blog, to share my stuff. The thing is that I started using the other one to share things  I like about other people too. So in this one I’ll post my drawings, paintings, photos, and other things I do :P